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This circular, silver brooch has a domed upper surface. It is decorated on the outer edge with three concentric rows of piercings. A center hole is surrounded by three raised rings. The tongue of the brooch is missing and a small piece is missing from the outer edge. This piece is from the "Historic Period". The "Historic Period" is a term used to describe the time period in North America that began in the late 1400s when Europeans wrote down accounts of their experiences in the New World. It did not begin in Ohio, however, until 1650 when French map makers first depicted the southern shore of Lake Erie on their maps. Although nearly two centuries had passed before Europeans arrived in the Ohio area, their presence on the east coast greatly affected the American Indians of the interior. The American Indians of the Historic Period used many European-made tools. The name "Historic Period" does not take into account the oral histories and traditions that American Indians have been preserving long before European contact. Ohio Historical Society Image A4786_000133_1.

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