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Crawfish and Raccoon Story

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Crawfish and Raccoon

Raccoon was traveling along near a river. He was hunting for crawfishes to eat.

Then he found a place where the river had falls. The water was deep there.

And then he saw a lot of crawfishes where it was deep. “How on earth can I trick the crawfishes into crawling out of the water, so I can catch them and eat them?” And then raccoon (thought): “I’ll pretend to be dead, near where the waterfall is.”

So then he laid down there near the water, pretending to be dead. And then some of the crawfishes crawled out (of the water). And then they saw raccoon. “It sure looks like our brother is dead”, the crawfishes said to each other.

But some of them were still afraid of him. “I think our elder brother is pretending to be dead”.

And then, (one said), ‘I’ll sneak up by myself and pinch him on his butt, so that I’ll wake him up if he’s pretending to be dead. If he’s really dead, he won’t move. And if he is dead, we’ll have a dance around where he’s lying down.”

Sure enough, a bunch of crawfish emerged from the water. Then they danced around the raccoon. Then suddenly raccoon jumped to his feet. And then he killed a bunch of the crawfishes. He ate them. Some of the crawfishes jumped into the water.

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