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Fox Story

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Fox Story

Wolf was walking along near a river. And then he came across his little brother fox.

(Wolf said) “Where are you coming from, brother?”

Fox (replied), “I’m coming from the river, over yonder.”

Then wolf (said): “What have you been eating, brother fox? You’re licking your mouth, you’ve been eating something good.”

Fox (replied), “Brother wolf, I’ve been eating honey.”

And then wolf (said): “Where is the honey located, brother fox?

Take me there! I want to eat some honey too. Let’s go and eat some, brother fox.”

(Fox replied,) “I’ll take you over there, brother.” So then fox led his brother wolf (there).

Then they found the bumble bees’ nest. And then fox (said) to his brother, “Here’s where the honey is, brother wolf. If you knock the nest off, there’s a lot of honey there. I have not helped you enough, brother wolf. I’ve already eaten too much honey. I’ll be moving on, brother wolf. You should knock off the nest by yourself. Then you can have the honey all to yourself.”

And then fox left his brother wolf. He pretended to leave his brother wolf.

And then fox came back. From up close he spied on his brother wolf. Wolf was jumping up, trying to knock down the nest. He couldn’t jump high enough. He tried again. He went off a ways. Then he ran back and jumped. And he knocked down the nest. He broke open the bumble bees’ nest. The bumble bees stung him all over his head. His face swelled up. He went totally blind.

Then his brother fox laughed at him. And then fox left his brother. After he had tricked wolf, he went far away. He knew that his brother wolf would try to catch up with him. He went far away. He laughed and laughed. “My brother wolf won’t find me!”

And then wolf recovered after the bumble bees stung him. And wolf (said) again: “My brother fox tricked me. I’m bound to catch up with brother fox. If I get near him, I’ll kill him for tricking me like that.”

And then wolf set off. He found where his brother fox had left some footprints. And then wolf (said): “I’m bound to catch up with brother fox”. And so he caught up with fox.

(Fox) saw his brother wolf coming near. And then fox ran off. And wolf came near. And fox got scared. “I can’t outrun him”, fox thought. And so (fox) quickly climbed up a tree leaning towards the river. “I’m going to trick brother wolf again”.

And then wolf got to the tree. He lost his trail. “I wonder which way my brother fox went?” He went around the tree. He didn’t see (fox) sitting in the tree. And then he saw his brother fox’s reflection in the water. Wolf said to him, “I’m bound to kill you, brother fox!”

And fox was grinning. He was looking at his brother wolf.

Then wolf got angry. “I’m bound to catch you, brother fox!” And then wolf jumped into the water. He dove. And then he crawled out. He looked back in the water. Again he saw his brother fox grinning. And then wolf said: “I’m bound to catch you, brother!”

And then wolf tied a stone to his neck, so that he could dive and catch his brother fox. And then he jumped into the water. And then he dove. And he failed to come up. The stone was too heavy. And then he drowned himself.

And brother fox laughed at him. And fox came down from the tree, after he had killed his brother wolf. “Brother wolf won’t kill me now!”

Fox was walking along the ice carrying some fish. Then: “I’m going to fool my older brother wolf ”, fox said to himself. And then he travelled on into the evening. It was very cold. Sure enough, he met his older brother wolf.

And then wolf said: “Where did you get those fish, brother fox?”

“I caught them at the river.”

“How did you catch them?”

“It’s not hard to catch a lot of fish. I’ll take you to where I catch all these fish.”

And then the two of them went off together. And then they found a place where some humans had cut a hole in the ice, where they carried water. Fox (said): “Right here I catch a lot of fish. Now I’ll tell you how one catches fish. You put your tail in the water there. And then you sit there on the ice all night long. And then, in the morning you pull your tail out. There’ll be fish hanging from your tail.

After fox told his brother wolf how to catch fish, he then (said): “Brother wolf, I’ll leave you now. It’s too cold. I’m going home.” Then fox laughed at his brother wolf. Then brother fox left his brother wolf. Then wolf was left alone. And then (wolf) stuck his tail in the water. “I wonder how many fish I’ll catch by morning?” he said to himself. And so he sat there til dawn. And the ice froze solid. And his tail froze in the ice. And he couldn’t pull his tail out.

“I must have caught too many fish. That’s why I can’t get up.”

And he was just about to freeze to death. “I wish someone would come to poke a hole (in the ice) for my tail.”

Just then a human came along to fetch some water. And he found wolf with his tail frozen into the ice.

And wolf said to the human: “Don’t kill me!” Then, again, he said

“Cut a hole in the ice!”

And then a hole was made for him. And he pulled his tail out. There were no fish. “My little brother fox has tricked me again! I’m bound to meet up with him eventually. I don’t know what I’ll do with him. I’m not going to go after my little brother fox now.”

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