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Story of Rabbit and Bear

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The Story of Rabbit and Bear

Rabbit and bear were fighting. One wanted it to be day all the time, and the other wanted it to be dark. The bear wanted dark so people wouldn’t find him to kill him. Rabbit wanted day all the time. Rabbit didn’t want any dark.

Bear said to rabbit, “you’re foolish”, and made fun of rabbit for his long ears. Rabbit told him that was alright.

Bear said, “I’ll say ‘dark, dark, dark’ and whichever one wins will kill the other.”

Bear made a fire. Rabbit looked around, for he was smart, and took his place near a tree that had a hole in it that he could run into and save himself. Bear told rabbit to shout “daylight!”, and rabbit agreed.

While they were talking about daylight and dark, rabbit went to one side and bear to the other, with a big fire between them. Rabbit beat bear. When daylight came, bear jumped over the fire said “you nasty thing. I’m going to take your hide off you.”

Rabbit said “that’s what I’m for,” and jumped into the hollow tree. Bear tried to grab his head, and his claws tore into rabbit’s upper lip. That’s why rabbit still has a split lip.

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