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White-Tailed Deer Photographs

Posted in Primary Sources and Artifacts

Moohswa (Deer) were a significant source of food and clothing for the Myaamia.  So much so that two Myaamia lunar months are named for moohswa (Young Buck Moon and Buck Moon) The White-tailed Deer is also Ohio's state animal. The first three photographs show apeehsia (young deer, or fawn). The last three photographs show ayaapia (a male deer, or buck). Akowa (adult females, or does), average 90 to 200 pounds, while bucks can grow to reach 300 pounds. The white-tailed deer is now found in all of Ohio's 88 counties, although they were at one time extinct in Ohio due to over-hunting and destruction of habitat by white settlers. Ohio Historical Society Image Om3133_3742243.

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