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The Myaamia First Encounter with the French

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The Myaamia First Encounter with the French

The following story was related to Trowbridge by two Myaamia leaders, Pinšiwa (J.B. Richardville) and Meehcikilita (Le Gros), in the winter of 1824.  It describes the first memory the Myaamia have of encountering the French.  It was recorded in Trowbridge's summary of his visit with the Myaamia: Meearmeear Traditions (Myaamia Traditions).

The earliest incident in their history which they recollect is the arrival of the French in the lakes. The Wyandots who then lived upon Lake Huron, sent word to the Miami and Potawatomi, that a strange people had arrived there, whom they feared because they were white and had long beards, and that they desired the assistance of their brethren to destroy them. When the Miami & Potawatomi arrived they found four vessels loaded with French. The three nations ambuscaded and when the visitors had disembarked they attacked and destroyed them. A few remained in one of the vessels who hoisted sail and made their escape. Then the Wyandots told their allies. “You see brothers that these people though they look like them, cannot be manitoos. They are unlike us, and their design in coming here must certainly be evil. We have placed the tomahawk in your hands, and you are now prepared to defend yourself against them. In the mean time if any more should arrive, we shall probably want your assistance in repelling them." They next saw the whites at Detroit when they held a council with them and made peace.

Myaamia Vocabulary

Myaamia –Miami

Wahoonaha – Potawatomi

Pahsiikania Wyandot

Meehtikoošia – Frenchmen

Manetoowa – Other than human being

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