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Miami Nation Citizens with former Chief Thomas Gamble

Posted in Primary Sources and Artifacts

This image shows a group of Miami citizens at an event led by former Chief Thomas Gamble. Gamble was born in 1950 in Welch, Oklahoma. He is the great-great-grandson of Chief John Roubidoux, the grandson of Ethel Goodboo Gamble, and the son of Virgil Gamble. Chief Gamble began his tribal leadership as a member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Business Development Authority when it was created in 1998. His first elected position came in 2001 when he became Second Chief, serving with Chief Floyd Leonard whose guidance, teaching, and mentoring provided invaluable preparation for the future role of Chief. As prescribed by the bylaws of the Miami Tribe Constitution, when Floyd Leonard died in 2008, Gamble succeeded to the position of Chief and finished out Chief Leonard’s term of office. He was then elected Chief at the annual General Council meeting in June, 2010 and served until June 2013. Myaamia Center Image DSC8740.

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